Edition Noëma is the belles-lettres division of ibidem Press. Originally created in order to satisfy our academic authors' demand to publish fictional texts as well, Edition Noëma has evolved into an imprint of its own, presenting—amongst gems of narration—touching eyewitness accounts, fascinating (auto-)biographies, and enchanting fairy tales.

International distribution

Our authors come from all over the world, and we are addressing an international readership. Consequently, we have partnered with fine international partners: in the US, Canada, and all countries in South America as well as in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, our books are directly availabe through Columbia University Press. In the UK, Eastern Europe and Africa, we are using the distribution services of Gazelle. In the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), our titles are available through the booksellers connected to the wholesalers KNV, Libri, and Umbreit—and, of course, directly through us. All our titles can be ordered through all Amazon outlets as well.