The Taliban in Texas

The Taliban in Texas
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Joey Torino is a man who has tired of the busy, and dangerous, life he has led, and has simply decided to opt out.  He is done with all that—the pressures of doing something that someone else wants him to do, the risks of doing things he questions, resents, or even disagrees with. And he has managed to escape that life, quietly, without fanfare or animosity, and with just enough income to be able to live, in the northern forests of Maine, in the secluded, modest style he prefers. And he is happy in his simple life here. But then a message from his past arrives. Pen Highsmith has another difficult mission for him, and although those dangerous episodes in Russia are long past now, Joey’s "special skills" are needed again. Joey faces a difficult situation, involving the Russians, a complicated low-key civil conflict, ancient suspicions and animosities, and a ruthless, relentless enemy, hidden in the mountains—in Afghanistan.  And the monumental investments of the Wilde Oil company might be put at risk, under certain circumstances and in some situations.  There are clear risks, and potential dangers, which have to be dealt with and surmounted, in a country, in a region, which is complicated and potentially dangerous. So Highsmith reaches out to Joey Torino.

About the author

John J. Maresca spent a career as an American diplomat and negotiator. As an international conflict mediator, he travelled in war zones and was nick-named "Full Metal Jack" by his colleagues in Washington. This is his second Joey Torino novel following “The Russian Operation".


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